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It's time for the "Winter Wind Down", and the anticipation of spring weather! We created this ad for the University Mall here in South Burlington, VT. We thought we would share it with all of you out there in the colder locations for a laugh. Have hope...there is light at the end of the tunnel...and it's sure to be WARM.

grab a chair

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Sometimes it's great to look back at the work we did and get a fresh perspective. Most of the time, to us, our work looks better after we have had some "space". Here is an example of something we just came across in our archives, that we still think is blog-worthy. 

Our client was a successful financial firm, looking to launch an informational yet social web site for people to come and get to know the ins and outs of financial planning. It was meant to be a community of sorts where people chat together..ask questions, find answers, and to read and discuss financial planning articles that are easy to understand. The name of this new site was Investor Bistro, a play on the casual come-togetherness only a bistro can offer.

Investor Bistro engaged us to design a logo for their company name along with art directing the design of the web site. There were several concepts created, many explorations, and then some iterations. We landed on this logo, a bit abstract but once you see it (may take a few seconds), then you get it. And that element of surprise is sometimes what great logos are made of, friends.


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We recently rebranded a winery in Maryland, Big Cork Vineyards. We were so inspired by the unique name we created a brand look/feel with a playful attitude, and yet a sophisticated simplicty.

When you experience this vineyard, you will be surrounded by rolling green hills and vast blue skies and so we wanted the brand imaging to capture that. We also incorporated little people with BIG things, to emphasise the company's attention to detail. This also speaks to how a customer feels when at the property--BIG EXPERIENCES, BIG TASTE, BIG ADVENTURE.

We had BIG FUN creating, that's for sure.



Gift Card Holder

Wine Club Brochure (Big Corkers)

Tasting Room Bathroom Doors

Tasting Room Wall Art

dog friendly

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Our package design for Vigor, a new pet food by Halo. We wanted a friendly package, that speaks of the products benefits— food that provides pets with energy for play! ...what do you think?

let's talk underwear.

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Underwear. Everybody wears it—well, except some pop stars—but no one wants it to show. That is the idea behind (hee, hee) commando underwear—our first ever underwear packaging we did and are still in love with. We started working with Kerry O'brien from Commando when the product was just an idea. She is now running an incredibly successful undergarment business, along with being featured in every fashion magazine you can name.

Ever since this package—people with underwear businesses large and small—will call on us. We quickly became the "underwear package people" and quite honestly, we didn't really mind. See more of our work for commando below.

normal people

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& why we aren't ...

Spring is here in Vermont. That's right, finally...clear blue skies, sun, warmth....the few days BEFORE the black flies ruin everything. Everyone has taken up running, everyone is smiling...

What I notice most about living in Vermont is how GREEN it is. Really, it's almost blinding. Simply gorgeous, especially when dotted with hundreds of dandelions in the fields.

If you aren't from here, and have never been, I seriously urge you to put it on your bucket list—VISIT VERMONT. And, of course, while you are here...stop by our office, we'd love to pop a head off a dandelion or two with you. (mamma had a baby....)

So let's get to the point of this post. Most people would want to be outside right now. But for us, this weather makes us want to design new stuff for new people. We feel reborn, replenished, and ready to take on newness in every way.

Got anything for us?

this is not me.

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but it's how I feel.

We've been staring at this photo for a few months now. We are working on a scarf kit package for a long-time client— The Knitting Board. We didn't do the web site (ahem). This is one of the many images we are using for the front of the package...a definite deviation from the typical "pretty woman smiling in scarf" this one:



We wanted to gear this kit to a slightly younger audience...(and less "crafty." That word has always made us shudder.) They will soon be sold in Jo-Ann Fabrics, and hopefully Micheal's. Here is a rough pic of mock ups of all 4 skus...makes you kind of want to knit a scarf, right?


we don't do haircuts.

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lookey here...

...a new web site. Our last site was using Flash which was popular around the same time Paris Hilton graced every cover of US Weekly. We are beyond excited. Not only to show you our new work, but more importantly to have this project completed! It's never easy to promote yourself, but it's even harder to find TIME to do it.

We'd like to compare it to the hairdresser with the ugly haircut. You know the story... You walk into a salon and you see two different hairdressers. One has a beautifully styled and coiffed head of hair, the other—the worst haircut you could ever imagine. Who do you make an appointment with? That's right, the ugly one. Think about it. (answer: they do each others hair!)

So, think of us as the ones with the ugly haircut. Actually, not anymore because we have this shiny new site now...So what does that mean? We did our own hair? No, that's pretty difficult. So, we hired Deluge Studios to do our hair for us. Thanks Deluge (they don't do haircuts either.)