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we don't do haircuts.

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lookey here...

...a new web site. Our last site was using Flash which was popular around the same time Paris Hilton graced every cover of US Weekly. We are beyond excited. Not only to show you our new work, but more importantly to have this project completed! It's never easy to promote yourself, but it's even harder to find TIME to do it.

We'd like to compare it to the hairdresser with the ugly haircut. You know the story... You walk into a salon and you see two different hairdressers. One has a beautifully styled and coiffed head of hair, the other—the worst haircut you could ever imagine. Who do you make an appointment with? That's right, the ugly one. Think about it. (answer: they do each others hair!)

So, think of us as the ones with the ugly haircut. Actually, not anymore because we have this shiny new site now...So what does that mean? We did our own hair? No, that's pretty difficult. So, we hired Deluge Studios to do our hair for us. Thanks Deluge (they don't do haircuts either.)