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Sometimes it's great to look back at the work we did and get a fresh perspective. Most of the time, to us, our work looks better after we have had some "space". Here is an example of something we just came across in our archives, that we still think is blog-worthy. 

Our client was a successful financial firm, looking to launch an informational yet social web site for people to come and get to know the ins and outs of financial planning. It was meant to be a community of sorts where people chat together..ask questions, find answers, and to read and discuss financial planning articles that are easy to understand. The name of this new site was Investor Bistro, a play on the casual come-togetherness only a bistro can offer.

Investor Bistro engaged us to design a logo for their company name along with art directing the design of the web site. There were several concepts created, many explorations, and then some iterations. We landed on this logo, a bit abstract but once you see it (may take a few seconds), then you get it. And that element of surprise is sometimes what great logos are made of, friends.