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University Mall

Pop the Lid

What do you get for the mall that has everything?

We’re proud of our long-standing relationship with this community mall. From TV advertisements to in-store signage, the University Mall has come to depend on Jar for all things creative, and we are happy to be dependable. We began with creating a logo that was simple but strong, and not necessarily based on color. This was important, as the client needed a logo that was extremely adaptable and flexible to print on all things, from chap sticks to t-shirts. 

What they say:

Jar takes the thoughts from my head and evolves them into the most perfect graphic campaigns for my business. Every time I threw an idea at them they would return with a graphic campaign that was exactly what I was envisioning.

Jar consistently offers new, unique ideas that are perfect for my business and our demographic. They make my job easier and my branding and marketing campaigns have never looked fresher.

Mother’s Day

Authentic headlines and emotional lifestyle imagery with a touch of nature, supports the idea that this is a community mall in a rural setting of Vermont.



In-store signage using our own original “cut-paper” illustrations promoting the special family activities the mall offers during the holiday season.



Different looks for different audiences. From rest areas to colleges, our brochures will get your attention and change style reflecting the mall’s offerings.


Event Posters

In-store signage created to promote certain family events happening throughout the year. Click on art for larger viewing.

TV Spots

(Team work! Made with Urban Rhino Productions...)

Back To School—General 


Back To School—Video Contest


Storyboards for animation.